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  • Monthly Forums

    Learn from, collaborate with and generate warm referrals through.a group of like-minded professionals that you know , like and trust

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  • Mastermind Lunches

    Catch up with BBG members and guests or entertain your A-Grade clients whilst our guest speakers bring you up to date on topical business issues.

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  • Half Day Workshops

    Deep dive into essential and emrging new business disciplines under the guidance of our panel of leading industry experts.

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  • Gala Events

    Expand your network and be inspired by world renowned celebrity guest speakers.

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Learn. Collaborate. Grow.

Accelerate Your Growth

Business Builders Group (BBG) helps business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs like you, to accelerate your growth by:

  • Assisting you to identify and make critical business process improvements
  • Making you a more effective business Manager and Leader
  • Facilitating a steady flow of warm referrals and business introductions

These outcomes are achieved through a unique combination of professionally-facilitated Business Forums, Mastermind Lunches, Gala Events and 1/2 Day Workshops; where you will:

  • LEARN: discuss topical business issues, perfect your sales pitch and acquire new skills
  • COLLABORATE: exchange ideas, problem solve and identify new business opportunities
  • GROW: your business network, your referral base (and ultimately) your revenue and profit

Seeing Is Believing

To see for yourself how BBG can help you to achieve your growth objectives, please join us as a guest at one of our Business Forums or Briefing Sessions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Driving Business Growth

In a world where media fragmentation is making it increasingly expensive to generate new leads and the ever-increasing demands on SME owners leave most of us without the time or energy to make cold calls or attend “yet another fruitless networking event”; Business Builders Group offers new hope.

Built by referral marketing specialists, run by professional business development experts and supported by best-of-breed referral tools and training resources; Business Builders Group is re-defining the business growth process.

If you want to accelerate your business growth and are willing to invest just $4 a day and 3 hours a month, Business Builders Group might just be the answer you've been looking for.

10 Reasons To Consider Joining Business Builders Group

1 Highly skilled facilitators run each Chapter and will point you in the right direction for additional training and support, if required

2 Training provided to help you get your business referral-ready and maximise your lead conversion rate

3 Only 3 hours a month of your time required (of which only 1.5 hours fall inside normal working hours)

4 More leads. Delivered by our structured referral process, training and best-of-breed tools

5 Problem solving provided to help you address the business issues that are keeping you awake at night

6 Knowledge sharing between members of your Chapter will help you build your skills and contact base

7 Referrals made easy by a best-of-breed mobile app. Send and receive leads with just three taps

8 Selective membership screening to place you in a group of complementary non-competing businesses

9 Development pathways available to assist with further training and development. For you and your staff

10 Affordable. At less than $4 a day your membership will cost less than the price of a cup of coffee

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Getting More Referrals

BBG is thrilled to partner with Bill Cates to offer his Referral Coach Academy video-based training program.

Interactive, high-content and fun lessons will show you exactly how to get more referrals and introductions from clients/customers and referral partners; to become super referable and appropriately proactive.

BBG Members pay ONLY $250  (70% OFF RRP).

Further Information

Find Out More

At a complimentary Business Briefing or Chapter Forum. 

In one session you will learn everything you need to know about Business Builders Group and how we can help you achieve your growth objectives. At the very least you will enjoy some tasty nibbles and meet some fellow-travellers who - like you - are still searching for the key to business success. You have nothing to lose, so don't procrastinate ... Click below to view our Event Schedule and book your free tickets today!