The Power of a Good Referral

A good referral from someone you know and trust has always been the cheapest and most reliable way of generating new business.

But how do you secure a strong flow of referrals without imposing on your friends or colleagues?

You have probably tried attending networking events and conferences – collecting hundreds of business cards from people intent on selling you something, but not particularly interested in listening to what you have to say. Let alone in buying from you.

You may have joined a networking and referral group, investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on a whispered promise that "you will see the benefit in Year 2 or 3". Perhaps you're still waiting?

You might have tried promoting yourself via various social media groups or even hired a business coach to 'show you how'.

All of which probably seemed like good ideas at the time, but delivered much less than you hoped for.

SIGH! (Been there! Done that!)

The Truth About Referrals

The reality is, before someone will refer you to their friends and colleagues, they must:

  • know, like and trust you
  • understand your business well enough to recognise a referral opportunity when it presents itself
  • be sufficiently motivated and have the tools at their disposal to act on the impulse to refer you at that time.

Anything short of three ticks on the above list and the referrals simply won't happen!

So, ask yourself … How many Active Referral Ambassadors have you created for your business so far?

The answer is probably “Not very many”. It might even be “None!”.

The Business Builders Group Difference

Business Builders Group is different in 5 very important ways:

1 We provide a forum for you to EDUCATE the other members of your Chapter so that they can recognise referral opportunities for your business

2 We select the members of each Chapter to match businesses by stage of development; then structure our monthly meetings to help you build affinity and trust with the other members of your Group

3 We provide all BBG members with a mobile phone referral app that allows them to refer one-another to their contacts with 3 taps on the screen; when the opportunities present

4 We ask all BBG members to try to generate 10 qualified leads per month. Many will pass more than 10 leads per month, but even if the average is 5 leads pm – in a group of 30 – that's 1,800 qualified referrals per year

5 We monitor the monthly activity of each member and make additional assistance available to those who are struggling to get their share of leads or convert enough of the leads they receive

How To Join

Find Out More

At a complimentary Business Briefing or Chapter Forum. 

In one session you will learn everything you need to know about Business Builders Group and how we can help you achieve your growth objectives. At the very least you will enjoy some tasty nibbles and meet some fellow-travellers who - like you - are still searching for the key to business success. You have nothing to lose, so don't procrastinate ... Click below to view our Event Schedule and book your free tickets today!