Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are often asked about Business Builders Group. Don’t see your question? No problem; just contact us.

  • Are BBG Groups Category Exclusive?

    Yes, BBG Chapters are category exclusive. However, the defintion of category exclusivity will be precisely defined so that we do not exclude required expertise from a given BBG Chapter. For example, we may include a Lawyer who specialises in Estate Planning and another Lawyer who specialises in Intellectual Property in the same Chapter.
  • Is membership automatic?

    No. All applicants are screened, reference checked and matched before they are admitted to a BBG Chapter.
  • Is the one-off joining fee refundable?

    Yes. BBG will provide a full refund to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Do you accept members who belong to other Networking or Referral Marketing Groups?