Meet Our Founders

Geoff Hirsh - CEO

Geoff Hirsh


Geoff is a marketing strategist who spent the first 10 years of his career in sales and marketing management with Cadbury Schweppes and Duracell and the next 25 developing and implementing award-winning marketing campaigns on behalf of large corporate and privately-owned Australian businesses. Along the way he discovered that word-of-mouth was the key driver of his business growth and joined a number of established referral marketing organisations to accelerate this process. As none of them adequately met his needs he applied his mind to the development of a referral marketing process that would. The unique structure of Business Builders Group is the result.


Ivan Kaye - Chairman

Ivan Kaye


Ivan is a Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and Networker with a passion for helping individuals and companies grow and create wealth. In 1989 he founded Business Strategies International (BSI) to nurture innovative companies and assist them with Government Grants, Capital and Business Advisory. To which he added a Finance Business, a Recruitment Business and a Training Business to create the BSI Group. In 2013 Ivan started developing a referral app to assist the employees of his various companies to refer business to one another. The resultant app "Referron" is now a best-of-breed referral tool and a key component of the BBG referral marketing process.



BBG Executive Team

Dan Goodwin - Executive Director Central West USA

Dan Goodwin

Executive Director Central West USA

After almost 20 years with Sprint Corporation, in 2007 Dan transitioned from corporate employee to entrepreneur. As CEO of Our Connected Lives, Dan now coaches and consults to business owners as they move from startup to stability, to scale up their businesses and get ready for first round funding. Dan holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and teaches Entrepreneurship at the Master’s level at MidAmerica Nazarene University. He is a natural connector of people, has an extensive network and believes that BBG will enable him to reach more business owners and create a positive impact in the world of business.


Allen Pathmarajah - Executive Director Singapore

Allen Pathmarajah

Executive Director Singapore

Allen has extensive senior management experience in the Financial Services Industry. He is currently Executive Chairman of AJP Advisers Group who focused on Organizational Transformation through Leadership Development, Strategic and Financial Management.