Sydney Innovation Chapter

To register your interest in joining the Sydney Innovation Chapter please contact us, or call Ivan Kaye (Chairman) on 0413 339 888.

Meet Our Members

MembersMember Occupation Member Profile
Ivan KayeChairman, Business Builders GroupView Profile
Mick LynchDirector, BSI Innovation View Profile 
Zsolt Nagy Accommodation & Property  
 Mark Falzon Capital Raising & Growth Mentoring 
Prosun Ghosh Technology & Talent Supply, Ariston Partners Australia  
Mac Christopherson Adviser to Entrepreneurs
Wayne Donnelly Coach  
Monica GrahamStrategy, Innovation, Program Delivery & TransformationView Profile
Danniel JacquesHealth & Wellness, Mediwise 
Paul SargeantBusiness ConsultantView Profile
Graham MeyerowitzEntrepreneur and Experienced Technology Professional 
Peter DamnjanovicBSI Innovation 
Michael WoodcockMedia, Marketing, PR 
David Kosofsky View Profile
Clive SmallmanManagement Consulting 

Rob Coghill

Finacial Services 

Sean Harris 


Jeremy Pooley 


Michael Haynes 

Management Consulting 

Upcoming Meetings

Details for upcoming Sydney Innovation Chapter meetings are available on the BBG events page. To attend the next Sydney Innovation Forum, please click the "Events" button below, select the next Sydney Innovation Forum and click to register.



Financial Services