Parramatta Chapter

To register your interest in joining the Parramatta Chapter please contact us, or call Eric Tjoeng (Chapter Facilitator) on 0401 990 200

Meet Our Members

MembersMember Occupation Member Profile
Eric TjoengChapter Facilitator & CEO, Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty LtdView Profile
Lina TjoengPrincipal Solicitor & Migration Agent, MLC LawyersView Profile
Graham SandersVirtual CFO, Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty LtdView Profile 
Ronelle WilsonManager, CIB Accountants & AdvisersView Profile 
John RissoProprietor, Synergize Print & mediaView Profile 
Matthew MoriartyMortgage Broker, Aussie View Profile 
Dylan ChanFinancial Planner, BSI WealthView Profile  
Deborah EvingtonBAS Compliance Trainer, Figures and FacesView Profile  
Milind KulkarniConsultant, Samartha Information Systems Pty LtdView Profile 
Patricia KruseBusiness Development Manager, Scottish Pacific Group Limited  View Profile 
Abhi TripathiOwner, BBX FranchiseView Profile 
Lina TjoengPrincipal and Migration Agent, MLC LawyersView Profile  
David BaileyConsultancy and Marketing 
Gail Paulse Insurance View Profile
Mark Di CristoTechnology & Computing View Profile 
Kelvin MasonFinanceView Profile

Upcoming Meetings

Details for upcoming Parramatta Chapter meetings are available on the BBG events page. To attend the next Parramatta Forum, please click the "Events" button below, select the next Parramatta Forum and click to register.