Brisbane Southside Chapter

To register your interest in joining the Brisbane Southside Chapter please contact us, or call Geoff Hirsh (Chapter Facilitator) on 0411 681 122

Meet Our Members

MembersMember Occupation Member Profile
Geoff Hirsh Chapter Facilitator, Business Builders GroupView Profile
Suzanne StrahanFinance Broker, LoanbizView Profile 
Rod GeorgeLawyer, George LawyersView Profile 
Kylie Newman LawyerView Profile 
Kathleen Lewis Financial Planning View Profile 
Debra Mazzei Debtors Finance 
AJ Hayes HR & Recruitment  

Upcoming Meetings

Details for upcoming Brisbane Southside Chapter meetings are available on the BBG events page. To attend the next Brisbane Southside Forum, please click the "Events" button below, select the next Brisbane Southside Forum and click to register.