Sydney Forum

To register your interest in joining the Sydney Forum please contact us, or call Judith Rose Max (Forum Facilitator) on number 0414 702 054 

Meet Our Members

MembersMember Occupation Member Profile
Judith Rose MaxChapter FacilitatorView Profile 
Ivan KayeChairman, BBG, BSIView Profile
Larry DorfanReseller of Computer Networking HardwareView Profile  
Laurence Adelman Finance Broker  View Profile
Barbara Whitten Travel Agent
Kirsty Fox Accountant View Profile
Michael WardlawShipping, Aeris Frieght 
Paul Pius Managed Cloud Services 
Ivan SchwartzRewards and Related Services 
Rob CoghillFinancial Services 
Doug Endersbee IT HostingView Profile
Leon Fredkin Senior Lifesyle Living 
Allen Pittman Migration Services, Training 
Alex Tees Lawyer, Asset & Property ProtectionView Profile   
Danny Vandine Video ProducerView Profile   
Chris Magnus Financial PlanningView Profile   
Odile FaludiCold Call Expert  
Garry Carr Business Consultant and Growth Expert 
Yoli Carr  
Hassan Pharon Investor Advisor 
Wayne Brightman Promotional & B2B Apparel 
Orhan Guzel  

Upcoming Meetings

Details for upcoming Sydney Forum meetings are available on the BBG events page. To attend the next Sydney Forum, please click the "Events" button below, select the next Sydney Forum and click to register.