BBG International

Join our International Online Community

Over the next 12 months Business Builders Group is aiming to launch 100 BBG Chapters around the world.

Each Chapter will be category exclusive and will not exceed 30 members.

To reserve your seat at the BBG table and raise the launch-priority assigned to your city, please click on the link below and join our International Online Community (IOC) today.


How it works

When you join the BBG IOC you will receive first right of refusal to join a BBG Chapter when we launch in your city.

As soon as we have 5 IOC members registered in your city, our launch process will be initiated.

The resultant BBG Chapter will become operational in 12 - 20 weeks.

In the interim you will enjoy many of the benefits of full BBG membership for a fraction of the price.

It's our way of saying “thanks for being an early adopter”!

IOC Membership Benefits

Whilst the perks of IOC membership may not be quite as spectacular as those enjoyed by members of another commitee with the same acronym, they are still quite meaningful and include:

  1. Free use of the Referron App
  2. Inclusion in our International BBG Referron Group (so that BBG and IOC members around the world can see your details, and refer business to you. And vice versa).
  3. Free receipt of our quarterly 'BBG Spark Magazine' - monthly articles and strategy guides that inform and inspire

IOC Membership Costs

IOC Membership fee:    USD $10 per month (to be credited against your full membership fee if you choose to join a BBG Chapter when we launch in your city)

Next Steps

  1. Click here to apply to join the BBG IOC
  2. Go to Referron, create an account, enter your details and download the Referron App
  3. Within 5 working days of updating your Referron profile, you will be included in the BBG IOC and have access to all BBG members around the world