Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

The first step towards perfecting your elevator pitch is to understand why you need one: BECAUSE FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER and what purpose it serves: TO START A CONVERSATION.

If you accept these underlying principles, you must also accept that your elevator pitch needs to be very short (I would suggest 20 seconds. 30 seconds max) and designed with one outcome in mind: To evoke a response of "Why"?, "How"? or "What"?

So, what should your elevator pitch include?


The Keys to Your BBG Success

To ensure the success of your BBG Chapter and maximise the value of your membership there are three simple rules that we all need to follow.

These rules are literally the "Keys to BBG Success" and their importance to each BBG Member and every BBG Chapter cannot be over-emphasised:

  1. Pay it forward
  2. Listen with intent
  3. Refer with generosity

Creating Warm Leads

The Referron app makes it easy for BBG members to pass referrals to one-another with just 3 taps.

However, passing quick referrals of this type is not what BBG is all about. As a group we should strive to always turn referrals into warm leads.

The Law of Reciprocity suggests this is in everyone's best interests. Our 'Culture of Generosity' demands it.