Business Builders Group Pty Ltd: Terms & Conditions

1. Membership

  1. Membership commencement and annual renewal date will be the date of the first BBG training seminar or monthly meeting you attend. Whichever comes first.
  2. Membership fees are payable annually or monthly in advance and fall due 30 days prior to your annual renewal date (annual) or 14 days prior to your next meeting (monthly). Failure to renew your membership on a timely basis will result in the discontinuation of your membership.
  3. Registration and Membership fees are non-refundable.
  4. Membership of each BBG Group is category exclusive. When a potential overlap or conflict of interest presents itself, the incumbent member will be consulted before a new membership application to that Group is approved.

2. Membership Transfer

BBG Membership is non-transferable except under the following circumstances:

  1. Members who re-locate, or are unhappy in their assigned Group may request a transfer to a new Group. BBG will use its best endeavors to place that member in a new Group.
  2. Members who change jobs or employer may continue their membership of their existing Group subject to the submission and approval of a new application form and there being no conflict of interest with an existing member of that Group. In the event that a conflict of interest exists with an existing member of that Group, BBG will use its best endeavors to place that member in a new Group.
  3. Where a company is paying BBG membership fees on behalf of one of their employees and that employee leaves their employ, the company may submit a new application form for a replacement member within 14 days of the original member leaving. Subject to the approval of the new member, the existing BBG membership of that Group will be re-assigned.

3. Membership Termination

The success of each BBG Group is dependent on the professionalism, commitment and active participation of all members. Where the professionalism, commitment or participation of a member consistently falls short of the required standards, their membership may be terminated at the absolute discretion of BBG, as follows:

  1. Members are required to attend a minimum of ten of twelve monthly meetings per annum. Failure to attend more than two monthly meetings, except by reason of medical exemption, may result in membership termination, at the absolute discretion of BBG.
  2. Failure to uphold the required standards of honesty, professionalism and transparency in all dealings with other BBG members and the leads they refer; will result in a member being put on notice by BBG. Repeated infractions of the type detailed in that notice will result in membership termination, at the absolute discretion of BBG.
  3. All BBG members are expected to generate a regular flow of referrals for other members after the initial 3-month training and induction period (1 referral per week as a guide). BBG Facilitators will monitor the performance of all members in this regard, with a view to ensuring that this performance level is achieved and exceeded by all members to the benefit of the entire group.

4. Monthly Meetings

  1. Monthly meetings will run for 3 hours at a time to be agreed by the Foundation Members of each Chapter. Members are required to arrive on time and stay for the entire duration of the meeting.
  2. Payment for breakfast and refreshments at monthly meetings is included in the annual membership fee.
  3. Once every 3 months, each member will be required to deliver a 3-5 minute presentation to the Group. A powerpoint template will be provided to support your presentation. This template must be completed and emailed back to your chairperson at least 7 days prior to your scheduled presentation.
  4. Substitutes may be accepted at BBG meetings at the discretion of the Chapter Facilitator. However, attendance is the members sole responsibility

5. Personal Training and Development

Further training and development can be made available to BBG members through the Group Facilitator.

  1. The decision to opt in to any further personal Training and Development provided by your Facilitator or a referred third party is entirely at the members discretion and is NOT a condition of membership.
  2. BBG will use its best endeavors to ensure all third party training and development options recommended by BBG are of the highest possible quality and represent good value. However, we offer no warranties to this effect and advise all members to make their own inquiries and assessment of the options provided.